The once daily dosed integrase inhibitor DOLUTEGRAVIR was the subject of a handful of presentations at the conference. Week 96 results from the SPRING-1 study were reported. This was a phase 2 study of 205 people comparing different doses of Dolutegravir (10, 24 and 50mg) with efavirenz, both in combination with a TDF/FTC or ABC/3TC backbone. At week 96 the proportion with a HIV viral load less than 50 copies per ml was 88% in the 50mg dolutegravr arm and 72% in the efavrenz arm (a non signficant difference). The treatment appeared well tolerated, although there was a mild elevation in serum creatinine, thought to be due to effects on renal secretion of creatinine and not real impairment of GFR. Phase 3 studies of this agent, which could provide a once daily integrase inhibitor regimen, are underway.