Greetings from Washington DC. Nice to be back. I used to live here and went to George Washington University as an undergraduate. I couldn’t understand why all the guys at University wore pink cashmere jumpers and tartan trousers until a friend from Australia sent me a book on ‘Preppies’.

Today we had a retrospective symposium on SMART: “Five Years after the SMART study, a Paradigm-shifting Trial” (SUSA56)

Some of the speakers’ points are outlined below

Tony Fauci opened the Symposium noting that SMART one of the most influential trials in HIV medicine, that it helped us understand the importance of chronic immune activation and coagulation in HIV disease and, finally, that it was the result of major collaborative efforts.

Wafaa El-Sadr reflected on HIV Treatment Research in 2002
She reflected on the background to the SMART study: the idea was conceived in her apartment in New York city one evening with Jim Neaton, Fred Gordin and Birgit Grund.

Wafaa noted:

Wafaa’s final slide noted

Andrew Wilson addressed HIV Treatment Research Post SMART
He noted:

Jens Lundgren addressed why the START trial is necessary and how it stands on the shoulders of SMART
He posited that one must consider the case that START may show early ART is harmful and he invoked the physician’s creed: Primum non nocere (first do no harm).

This argument runs as follows:

It was an excellent retrospective.