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Clinical Blog Posts from ASHM Scholarship recipients at the 2017 STI & HIV World Congress.

2017 STI & HIV World Congress  I  9 - 12 July 2017  I  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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ASHM @ 2017 STI & HIV World Congress


tamprofphoto Tamara Ryan
General Practitioner
Brett Hadlow Pic for Bio ASHM Brett Hadlow
Clinical Nurse Specialist
Ruth Casey Ruth Casey
Nurse Practitioner
 William Pic William Hooke
Registered Sexual Health Nurse




Mycobacterium in an immunosuppressed HIV patient.

Dr Marcos Davi G. Sousa Specialist in Infectology, Federal Hospital of the Servants of the State of Rio de Janeiro presented a case history of a male,

Congress Summary

How do you summarise such a comprehensive and jam packed conference into one post?!  I have been absolutely overwhelmed by the great presentatio

HIV Self sampling

Findings from the national online HIV self-sampling service in England. (Luis Guerra). I found this talk to be if interest because in NSW we have lau

Do repeat STI infections increase HIV risk?

This morning I attended the Oral presentations for HIV/STI testing and management, looking at different studies around HIV risk. Brendan Harney from

The role of mobile applications in STI prevention.

This morning I watched a presentation by Joshua Rosenberger (USA).Examining the role of STI prevention among MSM using mobile applications. He was di

Evolution and global spread of resistance in Mycoplasma genitalium

Today I watched Catriona Bradshaw (Monash University, Melbourne) present on M.G. WOW. Great presentation. M.G Slow to grow and difficult to culture.

Mycoplasma genitalium: an unknown agent.

My focus today was on Mycoplasma Genitalium as it has been a topic of many discussions recently.  Several presenters discussed this topic

Resistance in STIs

Evolution and global spread of resistance in STIs- a very useful and insightful topic and very relevant working clinically in the field of STIs. 

Rapid STI diagnosis

I attended a lunch session sponsored by Cepheid regarding rapid STI diagnosis and use of point of care testing. Working primarily in an Indigenous he

Does Doxycycline Prophylaxis have a future?

The short answer from Jeffery Klausner (UCLA, CA) is; Yes. Jeffery spoke about the two studies and looked at those results. Antibiotic prevention is

Neglected STIs

Gwenda Hughes (National Centre for infectious Disease Surveillance and Control at Public Health, UK) Spoke about some STIs that are neglected or unde

Trichomoniasis/LGV - Ignored?

Why are some common STI's neglected over others?  Gwenda Hughes from the Centre for Infectious Disease Surveillance and Control at Public Health

HCV Infections in HIV negative MSM on PrEP

I attended the oral presentation sessions today on STI Surveillance with four different speakers on the topics of "A tale of two halves, low extend

Current Trends in Syphilis Testing

During lunch I attended a Roche sponsored integrated symposium titled ┬┤Syphilis, Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea-Oh My: Diagnostic Advances, Hurdles and Conside

Point of care testing for STIs and HIV - A marriage of innovation and technology

Point of care testing - is it the way of the future? Dr Tarim Sadiq (St. George's University of London) Spoke about new POC testing technologies curre

Update on Vaginal Microbiome Research

This morning started with a great presentation of two Plenaries, starting with Vaginal Microbiome Research by Jeanne Marrazo - ISSTDR President and Pr

Vaginal microbiomes and the risks of HIV/STI

The day started with a presentation from Prof. Jeanne Marrozzo, Professor of Medicine and Director of the Division of Infectious Diseases, University

PrEP Implementation: Challenges and Opportunities

Dr Sinead Delany-Moretlwe presented a plenary regaring the implications of implementation of PrEP. In November 2015 the World Health Organizatio

Keynote speaker! Exciting start to what should be a great conference!

Dr Kevin De Cock delivered an insightful keynote lecture which has set the tone for what should be a very valuable conference.  He presented the

New WHO STI Treatment Guidelines

    The new WHO STI Treatment Guidelines were released August 2016 after 3 years of a very complex process, this was the first update sinc

WHO STI Treatment Guidelines 2017

  Good morning from the 2017 HIV/STI Conference in Rio De Janeiro. There may be a cross over in some topics with other ASHM bloggers but over th

New WHO Treatment Guidelines 2016.

This morning saw the kick off of the STI and HIV World Congress in Rio de Janeiro Brazil. First off this morning was the 2016 WHO Treatment guideline
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