ASHM @ CROI 2012


A number of ASHM members attended the CROI 2012 conference which was held on the March 5-8, 2012 at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle, Washington. ASHM at the same time trialled live report back system, where attending ASHM members could highlight presentations in their areas of interest which they believed to be of particularly importance for clinicians, researchers and policy makers in Australasia.

the ASHM team

  Dr. David Baker
ASHM Clinical Advisor
Levinia Crooks
Dr. Sharon Lewin
Former ASHM President
Dr. Jeffrey Post
ASHM Clinical Adviser
  Dr. Edwina Wright
ASHM President

 Report-back posts

HIV Neurology spring uprising in Seattle 2012

It's official: there has been an HIV Neurology spring uprising in Seattle. This conference saw over 60 posters, two themed discussions, an oral abstra

Beclomethasone inhalers safe to use with PIs

Protease inhibitors are known to increase plasma concentrations of inhaled fluticasone, resulting in secondary adrenal insufficiency. Two papers 810 a

Zoster vaccine

Herpes zoster is a common condition especially in our aging cohort.  There is limited information about the use of HZ vaccine in this group.  Paper 96

Hepatitis B vax - 3 is enough

Chaiklang et al conducted a randomized trial in Thailand, in 132 HIV+ adults who were HBV– and had CD4 cell count of >200 cells/μL and undetectable vi

Renal disease, treatment and outcomes

One thread at the conference was the outcomes of, and associations with, renal dysfunction. In the D:A:D Study (abstract 865) 2.1% of the cohort deve

GS-7340 - cousin of tenofovir

The renal effects of tenofovir were associated with blood levels (abstract 603) at the conference. Another presentation (abstract 103) examined a prod


The new "booster" drug, COBISTAT, is part of the "QUAD" single pill (see QUAD post) and a number of studies are in planning and in progress looking at


The once daily dosed integrase inhibitor DOLUTEGRAVIR was the subject of a handful of presentations at the conference. Week 96 results from the SPRING

Excitement around new studies re disrupting HIV Latency

Lots of excitement at CROI this year about some new studies demonstrating an initial signal of disrupting latency. See my overview of these studies pr

Is QUAD the new black?

Session 26 on Wednesday was " State of ART and drug resistance” did not launch any new blockbuster antiretroviral – unlike some previous World AIDS or

update from iPrEx - more detail on drug levels

People will recall that iPrEx investigators questioned whether adherance to prophylaxis was the cause for transmissions in the active arm of the iPrEx

Essential viewing for those interested in HIV testing and the contribution of testing tor prevention

Session 35: New Frontiers in HIV Testing Bernie Branson from CDC gave a fabulous talk on HIV Diagnosis: New Tests and New Algorithms. Those of us inv

Role of Early HIV Infection and Sero-converters in HIV Transmission

People who know me will know that this is a particular interest of mine. There are a number of posters focusing on the role of very early infection in

Highlights of day one

CROI 2012 is huge with more than 1000 abstracts to digest and multiple parallel sessions. Highlights of Tuesday6 March were plenary sessions. ART

Cryptococcal Meningitis: topic de jour

Today was a good day for HIV Neurology with a themed discussion on advances in diagnosis and management of cryptococcal meningitis (Session 15). This

HIV HCV coinfection

Two important HIV HCV coinfection phase 2 studies of HCV protease inhibitor therapy in combination with PEG-IFN and ribavirin for HCV genotype 1 were

ART for prevention plenary and some posters

Wafaa El-Sadr presented a comprehensive over view of treatment as prevention strategies and studies. the data came from both African and US studies. I

A very upbeat feeling

Greetings from Seattle. Very much looking forward to this conference. There are a lot of presentations about HIV neurology and PrEP. There is a very p

CROI Opening highlights role of genital inflamation in HIV transmission

Quarraisha and Salim Abdool Karim opened with the N'Galy- Mann lecture. Their talks chronicled 20+ years of HIV research and epidemiology in Africa. T

Welcome to Seattle and CROI 2012

Great to get here and away from wet, wet, wet Sydney. I am starting my blog in front on the most dangerous wall in North America.  A wall of gum un
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