ASHM @ CROI 2014

ASHM Members @ CROI 2014

Levinia Crooks
Dr. Ken Hazelton
s100 Prescriber
Eva-Jackson Dr. Eva Jackson
Sexual Health Physician
Dr. Mike Seah
s100 Prescriber
Dr. Edwina Wright
ASHM President

Report-back posts

NeuroHIV in 2014: Beyond dementia

Serena Spudich presented information about HIV infection causing ongoing active injury to the central nervous system (CNS) - comprising the b

HIV Incidence Assays

The discussion generated by this, quite complex topic, was stimulating. CDC reported that a dried blood spot sample gave comparable performance to

Is Vitamin D for everyone initiating ART?

Supplementing starters on ART containing Efavirenz and Tenofovir with 4000 iu Vit D, and oral calcium, reduced BMD loss by 50% in the first year,

Underestimating resistance in transmitted HIV

Jeffrey Johnston from CDC Atlanta presented results of highly sensitive resistance testing showing transmitted resistance in 16%, rather than the

PrEP now and in the future

Many presentations pushed the need to get going now with oral PrEP for it's already proven benefit, even though what we have isn't perfect, isn't

Safety of condomless sex

A much anticipated late breaking presentation from London was a study looking at transmission from people with Viral Loads less than 200, who practi

Fascinating presentations on the role of early ART treatment, T cell and tissue reservoirs for HIV, and the role of inflammation in HIV infection

Katherine Luzuriaga presented data showing that early cART (initiation before 6 weeks of age) leads to a restricted latent reservoir of HIV, and a

Promise is being shown in accessing reservoirs that cause persistence of HIV infection and finding ways to eliminate HIV in latently infected cells

HIV-1 infection and Type-1 interferon The interaction of HIV-1 and Type-1 Interferon (IFN-1) is complex. High levels of IFN-1 during acute HIV in

Novel PrEP delivery

Injectable GSK744 LA (long acting) is an analogue of Dolutegravir currently undergoing trials as a potential PrEP agent. Abstracts #39 and #40LB

Update on HPV vaccines and early ART initiation in infants

HPV Vaccines: Progress to date and future worldwide directions – Abstract #19 Douglas R. Lowy presented on current effects of HPV vaccination and

Burden of of illicit drug use and benefits of early ART

  Illicit drug use and HIV Adeeba Kamarulzaman from Malaysia presented on HIV in people who inject drugs (PWID). Due to time constrains, PrEP

First impressions of CROI 2014

Hi. I'm Ken Hazelton, a GP S100 prescriber from Orange NSW, and the grateful recipient of an ASHM scholarship to CROI,  Boston 2014. HIV is i

PrEP: Use it or lose it

David Bangsberg, Abstract #7 was a thorough discussion on the impact of adherence problems in the PrEP studies.  He discussed complicated issue

Early reflections on CROI 2014

  Hong-Ha Troung, presented more data from San Francisco characterising new HIV infections. STIs remain a significant cofactor in new infect

CROI Day 1: Bernard Fields Lecture

Attending my first CROI in Boston, I am amazed by two things. Firstly, how cold it is during the day. I'm sure my eyeballs were going to freeze walkin
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