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Morbidity, African Female Sex Workes, Cervical Screening in South Africa

Greetings   My apologies for not getting this blog out earlier (time travel and jet lag)   What a great conference.  It has been g

HCV Frontiers and Controversies

HCV: new frontiers and controversies was the final session I attended, abstracts 179 to 181.  It built on the earlier workshop, HCV in the interf

Hepatitis C- Lessons from Australia

It seems to be the ultimate irony that a cure has been found to treat Hepatitis C ( HCV) and we can't afford it. That the world's 180 million people i

PEP : Remember me?

This will be my last blog at this Conference. I have been very privileged to have been able to attend CROI this year, my very first time (one of 25% o

Hepatitis C: Warehousing a very risky business for co-infected

Cindy Zahnd reported on data modeled from the Swiss HIV and hepatitis C Cohort. Specifically the considered the impact of deferring treatment initiati

Cardiovascular, Bone and Kidney Health - Oral Abstracts

Hello again. As a follow up to this morning's plenary session, I attended this session which I believe will be of interest to some colleagues back in

Cardiovascular Disease in HIV Patients: An Emerging paradigm and Call to Action - Plenary session

The plenary session this morning on this last day of CROI on “Cardiovascular Disease in HIV Patients: An emerging Paradigm and Call to Action” was pre

Anal screening on HIV positive women

  Greetings from CROI   High rate of HSIL on HRA in HIV positive women not meeting criteria for anal screening   Anal dysplasia in

Advancing HIV prevention: Biology, Medicine and Law

This symposium provided a great analysis of some of the issues confronting prevention efforts. Julie Overbaugh gave a great overview of HIV biology, p


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