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I have a couple more blogs planned from the excellent Hepatitis session on Friday that I should get done on the flight home depending on sedation titr

Recreational Drug Use

This lecture on recreational drug use by Marta Boffito from London was a nice summary of some of the trends they are seeing in the UK and how this may

Antiretroviral Therapy Session 2

  STRIIVING   This is the eagerly anticipated large switch study for dolutegravir (DTG ) needed to round off the drug’s development

EACS Guidelnes 2015 Session

I am quite of fan of the EACS guidelines particularly for co-morbidities and on  Friday they had a session detailing what's new in version 8.0 Oc

Still very early data presented on maturation inhibitor BMS-955176

Data from the BMS-955176 Phase IIa proof of concept study was presented.   Short 10 day monotherapy were conducted for HIV-1 subtype B and C in

Data presented on TAF

Results were presented from the 0109 study funded by Gilead. Results from the study have been presented at multiple recent meetings.  These resu

Antiviral Therapy Session 2

There was a lot of really good information today, not just from this stream but several others and I will be adding more over the next 2 days. Bu

Treatment in Primary HIV Infection

The new EACS guidelines give recommendation for treatment of asymptomatic primary HIV infection (PHI) even when CD4 count is >350. There is st

Efficacy of integrase inhibitors in the semen

I’m going to present two studies looking at HIV-1 RNA in the genital tract in the context of integrase inhibitors. The background of this issue relate

New Antiretroviral drugs

Findings of the Phase 11a Proof of Concept Study for Second generation maturation inhibitor 176 was presented today. The mechanism of action of this d

START trial - Bone density and Lung function sub-studies

Two sub-studies, which formed part of START trial, were presented this morning.   The first study looked at lung-function decline in the immedi

Comment on PJP prophylaxis

Whilst we should try to adhere to the guidelines re PJP prophylaxis for sustained CD4 counts over 200 prior to cessation, there is enough reason to no

Moving away from 3 drug therapy?

Matthew Shields has already done an excellent summary of the three most interesting presentations in "Antiviral therapy 1". I will try to add a few p

Antiviral Therapy Session 1

There was a theme to this stream with 3 presentations on simplified therapy built around dolutegravir (DTG)  either as DTG monotherapy in mainten

Vaccination in HIV

  Things got off to an early start this morning at EACS, starting with 4 different ‘Meet the Expert’ sessions to chose from. I attended the sess


Prostate cancer screening was discussed in the context of HIV at a presentation today by  L. Shepherd. Her group showed some PSA difference perh

OI in modern era

pneumocystis jiroveci revisited. This afternoon session was of some clinical importance for those of us that look after patients whose CD4 count has

drug/drug interactions

This morning's meet the experts session about drug interactions was very interesting. There are an enormous number of potential drug interactions

Pre-educational course

The Pre congress workshop was aimed at junior specialists and professionals in training and followed a theme of challenging case presentations fo

EACS Pre-Educational Course

I attended a few sessions of this course which runs on the first day. I hadn't read about the details beforehand, but it is very much in the style of

EACS Clinical Guidelines - UPDATED October 2015

The EACS Guidelines were updated and released in time for the conference. If you have not viewed these guidelines previously, it might be worthwhile

Bone Changes in young men ages 18-22 enrolled in a PrEP safety and demonstration study using TDF/FTC

Day 1 of EACS always features a comorbidity workshop and this year all 5 of the presentations in the workshop were about bone loss. The background to

Hola from Barcelona!

Blogging will be starting soon! The conference officially opens tonight but there will be a few sessions that might be of interest this afternoon. T


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