ASHM @ Glasgow 2014

HIV Drug Therapy Update

It is a constant challenge for treating physicians, healthcare providers and researchers to keep up-to-date with developments and new ideas in HIV treatment. The Glasgow scientific programme will again address the use of differing therapeutic strategies in a variety of clinical settings. These posts are written directly from the conference.



 Report-back posts

Resistance and Topism Session Summary

In the Resistance and Topism session, Prof Jonathan Shapiro gave an excellent summary on HIV resistance titled: “Resistance: what’s new and on the hor

What to expect from ART by 2020

 Link to conference summary by Tripp Gurlick now on line, an excellent overview:

An Overview of Hepatitis C Treatment

Tracy Swan from the Treatment Action Group in New Your provided a brief yet comprehensive over view of where we are at in relation to hepatitis C trea

Implication of the elusive undetectable viral load

I have been party to a couple of discussion recently where there has been conjecture about the implications of an elusive undetectable viral load. Bef

Hepatitis C Treatment: a brief interview with Sanjay Bhagani

I caught up with Sanjay Bhagani and asked him about his comments from day 1 about the timing of hepatitis C treatment commencement: Could you&nb

ARV-Based Prevention

Perhaps foolishly I was hoping we might get more data from either the PROUD or IPERGAY studies into PrEP trials, both of which have recently offered p

Simplification - an emerging theme for management and resistance interpretation

Jonathan Shapiro has twice spoken very compellingly about the needs for simplified, clinically relevant advice to help guide decision making. In

Debate about the best location for and cost of care

There has been a theme running through the conference, and I believe through the UK and Europe about where is the best place to provide HIV care. The

Drug Drug Interactions & Comorbidities

The Conference started yesterday and I attended a very interesting workshop on the ongoing relevance of Drug Drug Interactions. The debate, which foun


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