Levinia.45px Levinia Crooks
Darcy Smith S Darcy Smith
GP and HIV Prescriber
Gwamaka Mwasakifa S

Gwamaka Mwasakifwa
Postgraduate Researcher & Trained HIV Prescriber

Victoria Hounsfield S

Victoria Hounsfield
CMO at Clinic 16 Royal North Shore Hospital

Vincent Cornelisse S

Vincent Cornelisse
Sexual Health Registrar GP

Pauline Cundill S Pauline Cundill
GP and HIV Prescriber
Ken Koh S Ken Koh
GP and HIV Prescriber
Trina Gregory S Trina Gregory
GP and HIV Prescriber
Melissa Kelly S

Melissa Kelly
Advanced Trainee in Infectious Diseases

Ivette Aguirre S Ivette Aguirre
Senior Clinical Pharmacist

Duc Nguyen
International Program Manager, ASHM

Vaughn Eaton Sjpg Vaughn Eaton
Director of SA LHN 
 Mary Florance S

Mary Florance
Clinical Nurse Specialist

 Kate Salisbury S Kate Salisbury
ursing Unit Manager
 Janelle Small S Janelle Small
Clinical Nurse Specialist
emily wheeler 

Emily Wheeler
ASHM Nursing Program Manager

 Louise Holland S Louise Holland
Sexual Health Nurse Consultant
 Jeffrey McMullen S

Jeffrey McMullen
Clinical Nurse in Infectious Diseases Unit

 Peggy Bain S Peggy Bain
 Joanne Leamy S Joanne Leamy
Contact Tracing Clinical Nurse Consultant
 vanessa-towell Vanessa Towell
Hepatitis Program Manager, ASHM
Megan Campbells

Megan Campbell
ASHM Project Officer

Michelle OConnor s

Michelle O'Connor
ASHM Pacific Program Manager

 Jason Ong S

Jason Ong
Postgrad Research Fellow & Sexual Health Registrar





The perfect (cytokine) storm –genital inflammation and HIV

Take home messages on the importance of the genital mucosa in transmission and pathogenesis   Beginning with a plenary presentation on day

HIV and Migration: All is NOT fair in Love and War

Slightly belated report back from Friday morning's session. President of AFAO, Dr Bridget Haire opened this session - in the absence of Dr John-Paul

Better than a notebook

You know how you used to take your conference notes on the notepad in the conference satchel?   What did you do with them? Mine are sitting in a

Friday final words

RELATIONSHIPS AND COMMUNICATION These words were repeated today in all sessions I attended. What is a relationship for gay men? How successfully do

Management guidelines for HIV-related Co-morbidities

  I attended the talk by Dr Janine Trevillyan titled: Management guidelines for HIV-related Co-morbidities result in increased screening but no

Launch of HIV Futures 8

I attended the launch of HIV Futures 8 This is a survey about health, treatments, work, finances, sex and relationships of people living with H

AFAO Community and Advocacy Hub

Most of my lunch periods have been taken up listening  to the various speakers and organisations that have appeared here during the conference.It

AFAO Community Forum

  At the lunchtime AFAO community hub today, Brett and Phil outlined how 2 Spirits work in culturally appropriate ways with the whole of communi

Negotiating Change

I attended an excellent talks this morning by Steven Philpot on the fine line in changing agreements between gay men when it was about monogamy.Steven

What do we know that we do not know?

On Thursday afternoon, under Theme B: Antiretroviral Therapy, things moved up a gear, with back to back presentations touching almost every aspect of

Australian HIV/ Hepatitis C Co-infected Patients Fall Behind HIV Mono-infected Patients in move towards Early HIV Treatment Initiation

Presented by Clara Brown. As we are aware there are people living with HIV who are also co-infected with Hepatitis C. In Australia approximately 1 in

ASHM 2015 - take home messages from a GP

ASHM Conference 2015 – Take home messages from a GP   The 2015 ASHM conference displayed all the teamwork I saw at the first conference which I

BP control in HIV positive patients

Blood Pressure Targets IN HIV+ patients Again another very interesting session from a GP perspective.  Dr Shanti Narayanasamy discussed the cha

HIV Targets - Aspirational or Realistic?

This morning I read the headline ‘world leaders pledge to achieve gender equality by 2030’.  This was timely given I had just attended the sessio

Bone Health in HIV

I really enjoyed the sessions today on co-morbidities and as a S100 general practitioner found this very useful. The discussion re bone health was esp

Reflections on Australia's place in the HIV world

You could almost - almost - be forgiven for feeling like the biomedical developments in HIV have come to their hump-day.  Vaccines research hasn'

Indian blood: Two Spirit return, Mixed Race Identity and Critical Interventions in HIV

  After two fascinating talks by Dr. Patrick Mallon and Dr. Geoff Symonds around great medical strides being developed, another facet of care an

Fuckbuddies, boyfriends and other partners - Results from the monopoly study

This morning we saw a series of presentations from the Monopoly Study, which is a national Australian study that looked at how gay and bisexual men th


Lovely morning plenary by Paddy Mallon discussing ART toxicities.  With the lofty ambitions of 90-90-90 upon us, there will be increasing number

(Nearly) Time to change to TAF based regimens

The pending introduction of a new formulation of tenofovir, a prodrug of the original formulation, raises the question of equivalence in terms of outc

GP take home messages from Day 2

Day 2 of the conference was informative, fun and interactive. Opportunities to use smartphone technology to interact using live polls added to the exp

QuAC launch of PrEP programme and why, oh why, can't my fellow GPs always help MSM patients

QuAC Launch of PrEP Campaign and why cant my fellow GPs always help MSM patients? It was  heart warming  and praiseworthy to  see the&

Be Brave Be Courageous.

DAY 5 for me as an atendee of both conferences. Brisbane reminded us that it can rain and rain it has today.  BE BRAVE BE courageous Was a them

HIV cure research: current strategies and challenges

I attended the talk by Prof Sharon Lewin this afternoon titled ‘HIV cure research: current strategies and challenges’ Sharon started off by saying th

Summary of Thursday

A summary of today (Thursday 17 September 2015) Jeffery Klausner - new technologies and innovations to facilitate HIV prevention, testing and care T

Methamphetamine and HIV

Day 2 of the conference and there have been more thought provoking sessions. The afternoon "Drug and Alcohol Session" raised a number of issues for

The 'good' and 'bad' of Hepatitis C

There is ongoing optimism surrounding the evolving management for Hepatitis C.  But this is also tempered by the enormity of the epidemic of Hepa


Congratulations to Teddy Cook (ACON) and Jeremy Wiggins (VAC) for an important talk today about PASH, the Peer Advocacy network for the Sexual Health

ART Guideline: Panel Discussion

Hi everyone, Another interesting and interactive panel discussion featuring Professor Jennifer Hoy, Dr Julian Elliot, Dr Mark Boyd, Dr James McMahon,

ARV guidelines session

The important ARV guidelines session featured 4 speakers and a discussion/scenario panel We STARTed (sorry) with the START study preliminary results

Transgender is not a gender identity

Teddy Cook and Jeremy Wiggins gave a talk on the inclusion of transgender men in the HIV response, which provided much food for thought for healthcare

Engaging and Retaining HIV patients in care

  Australia is on the way to reaching the UNAIDS 90-90-90 goal but is hoping to fill in the blanks around why clients are lost to follow up care

Danger! Danger! Criminal endangerment offences are an obstacle to the HIV response

Paul Kidd is the Chair of the Victorian HIV Legal Working Group.  In this session, Paul discussed the definitions of laws in Victoria which invo

Law reform to reduce HIV transmission

A fascinating and compelling presentation from Charles Chauvel from the a Global Comission on HIV and the Law and UNDP. Charles spoke of the higher H

New Technologies and Innovative Methods to Facilatate HIV Prevention

Jeffery Klausner provided an excellent talk on new methods in the US and around the world. Jeff spoke about the need to utilise modern media eg YouTu

HCV - a 25-year (r)evolution

Excellent plenary session lead by Ed Gane discussing an overview of the swift evolution of HCV over 25 years! I've summarised the main points:&n

The Global Elimination of Hep C

Professor Edward Gane from Auckland NZ gave a visionary plenary presentation on how we may be able to eradicate hepatitis C. Background on the Hepati

NSW HIV strategy and HIV treatment cascade

Great session on the HIV Treatment Cascade and moving towards the elimination of  HIV in New South Wales. The HIV cascade: a review of methodol

Should we be treating anal cancer precursors?

This question continues to be a vexing one with our definitive answers coming in probably 5 years time.  There is increasing evidence that AIN3 i

Find Me, Treat me, PrEP me, Heal me Panel Discussion

I attended the panel discussion titled ‘Find Me, Treat me, PrEP me, Heal me’ this afternoon. The panel members were: Prof Robert Grant, Prof Mike

Excessive Intellectual Property Protection for HIV Treatments - the Momentum for Reform

Excessive intellectual property protections for HIV  treatments:  the momentum  for reform What a clear and informative presentation &

ASHM - A GP's perspective

Good evening everyone! Here are some ‘take home’ points from the conference today: 1.     The HPTN052 trial did not stop in 2011

HCV - Treatment As Prevention

An interesting first day with varied sessions. It was great to hear about a number of very positive treatment approaches using the newer drug options

STI / HIV and Pregnancy

STI AND HIV IN PREGNANCY Yes well done Cuba. Natholie Broutet from WHO guided us through that country's journey of strategies implemented to achieve

HIV and cardiovascular disease

The afternoon session: O21 - HIV and co-morbidity started with two speakers who complemented each others presentations very well.   Dr Paddy Mal

Evaluating PrEP and HIV Treatment as Prevention in Australia

This stream covered quite a range of issues in regards to PrEP and it's use. Dr Zablotska told us that community surveys show informal prep is curren

Benefits of self collected samples for cervical screening

There were many highlights today but I will focus on some of the topics that resonated most with me related to technologies or interventions which cou

The Mega Model!

  What a start to the conference!   The theme of harnessing HIV and STI prevention opportunities rang throughout the hall during t

Genital inflammation and HIV transmission

Hi everyone, Another excellent plenary session presentation with some clinically relevant findings for primary care physicians and health promotion t

ART Perspectives- Symposium- Who's life is it anyway?

This symposium was a very interesting one presented by Prof. Brian Gazzard.  Prof. Gazzard discussed different types of HIV client care, of whic


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