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CROI Day 1: Bernard Fields Lecture

Attending my first CROI in Boston, I am amazed by two things. Firstly, how cold it is during the day. I'm sure my eyeballs were going to freeze walkin

Some observations for those drafting hepatitis C policy: Pricing of DAAs a barrier to access but HCV treatment has prevention as well as individual benefits and a call for drug policy reform.

There has been a considerable level of optimism at the International Network of Hepatitis in Substance Users conference in Munich today. There is a bl

The new WHO Guidelines: Concerns about the practical effects of aspirational guidelines on women

Everyone is excited. The new Guidelines are here and they are ‘game changers’. There is not a single copy left in Kuala Lumpur- they were all taken on

Announcing Anne Philpott as one of this year's Keynote Speakers! To read more about Anne and the other Keynote Spea…


ASHM Report Back: HIV Glasgow 2020 from 5:30pm – 9pm AEDT on Wednesday 28 October 2020. Join our presenters Prof Ch…


RT @positivelifensw: Should I be worried about a 'viral blip'? What is a UVL and how does this benefit me? What is TasP? (also known as U=U…