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Optimising Art for prevention in clinical practice

This entertaining session presented a number of varying cases to highlight the promises PrEP may bring but also the pitfalls. It emphasized the impor

Let's START now!

I missed the START session as I was presenting and noticed there's no ASHM blog on what is a tremendously important study, hence thought I'd quickly r

Post-treatment controller summary

Most of you may have already heard/ read/ watched Saez-Cirion's presentation on Monday 20th July where he presented data on a new post-treatment contr

How Drug Policy Should Respond to the HIV Epidemic

Walking around Vancouver you can't help noticing the shops selling medicinal cannabis - the big cartoon weed pictures are so obvious!  So it was

MSM: The Global Perspective

MSM: The Global Perspective session began with a study examining testing behaviour in Thai MSM by Tim Holtz. This was followed by a presentation outli

PreP in young MSM

Tuesday mornings Oral Abstract session was titled PreP: Demonstration for Implementation presented the initial findings from at least four studies int

MSM Practising Serosorting Behaviour

  Some data from the Opposites Attract Study was presented by Ben Bavinton of the Kirby Institute this afternoon. Probably well known to most re

Early treatment of HIV restricts the size of the pro-viral reservoir

 It is known that combined  Antiretroviral therapy(cART) before 6 weeks of age results in low levels of HIV . If treatment starts before 1

Hep C co-infection and HIV

No impact of HIV on HEPC treatment outcome 95-97% cure rates even in co-infected Improvement in quality of life occurs v. Quickly with new oral medI

Viral reservoirs- considerations

Most cells infected with HIV are CD4's- what makes these cells persist long term.? CD4cells have attributes of expanded cellular clones. The larger t

New developments in the treatment of HIV

This was a poster presentation session focussing on new drugs and new strategies for the treatment of people living with HIV.  I will focus on re

IFN-Free Treatment Access For All

At this morning's IAS plenary Professor Greg Dore from the Kirby Institute and St Vincent's Hospital in Sydney gave an excellent presentation on the e

HIV Outbreak in Indiana - Shocking awakening

John Brooks presented two papers on behalf of the Indiana Dept of Health and CDC which described the recent HIV outbreak in a small town in Indiana an

PrEP - dosing schedules

Daily dosing for PrEP seems to be taking precedence over other dosing schedules. This was cast into some doubt when the IPERGAY and PROUD studies were

Methods to Encourage HIV Testing Uptake

Day 2 of IAS2015, I attended a very full lunch poster discussion session entitled HIV Testing: The Gateway for Everything. Sheri Lippman presented tw

Treatment as Prevention - HPTN052

The ground breaking HPTN052 trial was presented as a complete study yesterday. True to form, the data is compelling. Treatment prevents onward transmi

How Do you Like Your PrEP

  Just to add to Bk’s post…. In each site for HPTN 062   qualitative research in the form of in depth interviews were carried out with some

How would you like your PrEP

  No HIV practitioner can avoid the onslaught of PrEP. Whether you like it or not, you'll be facing it head on from fellow doctors and patients

Achieving Pregnancy While Minimizing HIV Transmission Risks

  For those of you who see HIV affected couples who are considering pregnancy I attended an excellent symposium on the subject  yesterday.

The present and future for combination prevention for HIV sexual transmission

Monday afternoon Bridging session: The present and future of combination prevent for HIV sexual transmission.    Thanks to the ’How do you


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