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 Report-back posts

The times they are a changing

So good to hear about new studies in HIV/HCV co infections. Patietns have waited or so long for better outcomes of treatment and although the new DAA

New Zealand wakes up to Ben

Early Monday morning, New Zealand TV viewers woke up to Dr Ben Cowie, highlighting the importance of hepatitis B testing.  Ben was interviewed o

HBV - the power of Yvonne

We first met Yvonne Drazic at the 2010 Viral Hepatitis conference, where she bravely presented her personal story of living with chronic hepatitis B.

Nurses: a hep B resource in the community

Tracey Cabrie, hep B CNC, presented this morning on the Integrated Hepatitis B Service, a pilot program based at the Royal Melbourne Hospital. The pr

AHA leads on guideline development

The Australian Hepatology Association has launched their consensus based guidelines for hepatology nurses. What an achievement to gain consensus! Th

Nurse-led Hepatitis C Models of Care in Prisons – Nurses are on the prisoners’ side

Jac Clegg from Justice Health NSW presented today on the nurse-led model of care for hepatitis C – a safe and effective model for hep C assessment, ma

Far away places, too many cases

They're dedicated, they care and they need help! The reports from Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam all told similar sad stor

Call for HCC surveillance program in the Northern Territory

Dr Josh Davis stated in his presentation today that a funded HCC surveillance program is urgently needed for the Northern Territory. HCC incidence is

Don't burn the sheets!

AIVL has found a novel approach to engage the Indigenous population of Australia. The project, Dulangirr Gubbynidgel (New Beginnings) have released a

Doing it their way- HCV in Tasmanian Corretions

Just attended a session on treating HCV in Tasmanian Prisons where they are experiencing higher than expected treatment response rates for GT 1 with a

Why can’t our surveillance systems work for those who we are notifying about?

Ben Cowie, ID physician at the Royal Melbourne Hospital and Epidemiologist at the WHO Regional Reference Laboratory for Hepatitis B, VictorianInfectio

Day one- what a day!

The day started with a traditional Maori opening followed by presentations from key speakers then, the moment we have been waiting for- the launch of

Clinic avoids shocking end

Despite the cracks caused by the 2010 earthquake, the Christchurch HepC Community Clinic continued to operate. Then came 2011 and it all came tumbling

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Telemedicine treatment for hepatitis B: a possibility?

I was inspired by Jacqueline Clegg's report on the nurse-led outreach program for assessment and treatment of chronic hepatitis C via telemedicine in

Getting it out there

Kelly Barclay told us that unlike Australia, there are a large number of undetected HCV sufferers in the NZ community, so the decision was made not to

Viral hepatitis response

Anyone know what's stopping us from having a national hepatitis B related HCC surveillance program across Australia? New Zealand has had a program si

The challenges of the health burden of hepatitis B in the Asia Pacific

Professor Henry Chan gave a comprehensive overview of the of HBV in the Asia Pacific in the opening plenary this morning. Professor Chan began by by m

On trust

"I have problems trusting people because I've been screwed over so many times". Professor Paul Ward from Flinders University reminded us today of the

Trust me, I'm a doctor

Prof Paul Ward asked if 'trust' was an integral part of our practice and if we had considered the impact on treatment outcomes for our patients. He gr

Hepatitis Nurse Workshop – a wonderful start to the Viral Hepatitis Conference

Despite a delayed flight, a bumpy trip across the Tasman and arriving in Auckland at 3:30am this morning, today’s Hepatitis Nursing Workshop (bolstere

Arrived in Auckland

Thought I would try a test post before tomorrow. Sitting here highlighter in hand, looking over the program, there is so much on, its hard to decide

Hepatitis Nursing Workshop

Professor Ed Gane says that there is no need for liver biopsy for assessing staging of hepatitis C in New Zealand.  The cost of the flight withi

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