ASHM Report Back

Clinical posts from members and guests of the Australasian Society for HIV, Viral Hepatitis and Sexual Health Medicine (ASHM) from various international medical and scientific conferences on HIV, AIDS, viral hepatitis, and sexual health.


Katherine Garnham

Katherine is a Sexual Health and Infectious Diseases dual trainee, currently working in Brisbane. She has a strong interest in HIV medicine and health equity, and hopes to continue working in less resourced healthcare settings at a national and international level.

Natalia Rode

Natalia is a GP working in Melbourne at Northside Clinic and the Cabrini Asylum Seeker and Refugee Health Hub.  She has been a Hepatitis B s100 prescriber since 2015 and is passionate about improving the general practice awareness and management of people living with Hepatitis B.

Natasha Lovatt

Natasha Lovatt is a GP Registrar/ s100 prescriber currently working at the Kirketon Road Centre in Kings Cross Sydney. Her interests include sexual health and HIV medicine, harm reduction and working with marginalised communities. 

Ken Koh

A graduate of the University of Queensland School of Medicine, Dr Ken Koh completed his General Practice training in Brisbane in 2008. Ken has an interest in Sexual Health Medicine, in particular HIV Medicine, and is a S100 Prescriber at Holdsworth House Medical Brisbane.  Recently, Ken has been involved in and is cultivating a growing interest in GP based research, in particular in the area of HIV management. Amongst his other interests is Medical Education, as he believes in ‘growing’ the next generation of HIV treating GP’s.

Danielle Spinks

Danielle Spinks has not set their biography yet

Kasha Singh

I am an Infectious Diseases physician with interests in HIV, TB and hepatitis. I have spent 10 years working overseas in the UK and in clinical trials in developing country settings. I am currently completing a PhD in HIV-Hepatitis B, looking at the pathogenesis of liver disease in this patient group.

Jane McCulloch

Jane is a General Practitioner from Perth, WA, currently working at Rondel Family Practice. Since early 2017, she has been working with the Fremantle Street Doctor, a service providing mobile health care to homeless and disadvantaged people in Fremantle and surrounding suburbs, in their dedicated Hepatitis C treatment clinic. Prior to 2017, Jane spent the last 3 years undertaking her fellowship training at Derby Aboriginal Health Service in the Kimberley Region of Western Australia, and continues to have a keen interest in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health. She has recently become registered as a Hepatitis B s100 Community Prescriber.


Janet Kidd

Dr Janet Kidd is a GP working in East Sydney Doctors. She has worked as a low case load HIV GP since 1996 with a strong interest in preventative health and chronic disease management including sexual health and HIV medicine

Jason Ong

Dr. Jason Ong is a NHMRC PostGraduate Research Fellow and Sexual Health Registrar based at Melbourne Sexual Health Centre. His research interest includes HPV and its sequelae amongst people living with HIV

Muirgen Stack

Muirgen holds a BSc Hons in Virology and Cancer Biology from the University of Bristol, UK. Before taking up the role of Clinical Programs Advisor at ASHM he was working in London, UK, as medical writer covering HIV pathogenesis, cure research and future antiviral therapies.

Michael Moso

Michael is a medical resident with the Infectious Diseases Unit at the Alfred Hospital, Melbourne. He works as part of the inpatient team managing patients admitted acutely or electively for HIV management. Michael has been heavily involved in HIV research and has previously completed an Honours year in HIV latency with Prof Sharon Lewin. He continues his research with the Infectious Diseases Unit at the Alfred and will be presenting his research on HIV and CKD at this year's conference.

Becky Zhang

Becky is a family physician in Western Sydney Australia. She is a FRACGP with MBBS, Diploma in Child Health, Dermatology and Medical Acupuncture. She is currently a GP training supervisor and RACGP examiner. She has the passion and interest in caring hepatitis patients and their family. She has been involved in the clinical care of hepatitis B positive people in the community and has been a Hepatitis B prescriber since 2015. She believes in holistic health care as it contributes to the Science and Art of Medicine and maintains ongoing professional development in the area. She has commitment of working together with multidisciplinary team towards viral hepatitis elimination.


George Forgan Smith

Dr George Forgan-Smith is a GP based in Melbourne’s busy CBD. He has a busy practice where he has a high focus on gay men’s health, sexual health, HIV care and PrEP.

When he’s not at work he is an active blogger, video creator and enjoys the opportunity to travel and educate at leather, kink and gay men’s health events on sexuality, health and kink safety


Gwamaka Mwasakifwa

I completed my medical training in Tanzania, and then worked in the HIV/STIs clinic. I’m currently doing postgraduate research studies at The Kirby Institute. My research focuses on the pathogenesis of HIV associated changes in bone mineral density (BMD) and kidney proximal tubulopathy. I’m also trained in HIVs100 prescriber course.

Eva Jackson

Eva is a Sexual Health Physician and Clinical Director for Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health District Sexual Health & HIV Clinics. She has been involved in the clinical care of HIV positive people and their families since 1999. Eva has a strong belief in holistic sexual health care and maintains her professional development in all areas of sexual health medicine. She works with her patients in clinical care to treat their HIV infections in context with their sexuality, relationships and stage in life. She is currently working with ASHM to produce educational material to primary care audiences that encompasses multiple areas of sexual health. She is the convener of this year’s (2014) Australasian Sexual Health conference.

Usaiwevhu Munyengeterwa

Usai is middle aged man who was born and bread in Zimbabwe. He migrated to Australia 12 years ago. He has Extensive experience in general nursing including medical, surgical, emergency, theatre, Hiv and Hepatitis nursing. He has attended several workshops and courses and has a Masters in Public health with the University of New Castle. He is currently practising as a nurse specialist with Justice Health. He coordinates HIV and Hepatitis clinics with the visiting specialists from POWH.

Mark Boyd

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Vincent Burns

Dr Vince Burns is a Registrar in HIV/Sexual Health Medicine at the Albion Centre, Sydney. He is also a s100 prescribing General Practicioner. Vince qualified Medicine in 1992 in England where he worked before emigrating to Australia in 2008. 

Joanne Leamy

Joanne is the Contact Tracing Clinical Nurse Consultant at Cairns Sexual Health, and has worked in the field of sexual health and HIV since 1993 in Australia and New Zealand.  Joanne teaches at James Cook University, is President of Queensland AIDS Council, Secretary of AFAO and Director of Health Reimagined.

Ken Hazelton

Ken Hazelton has been working fulltime in his Practice as a GP in Orange, Central Western NSW, for 30 years.

Ken has been a community HIV s100 prescriber for over 15 years and was one of the first community prescribers in NSW.

As a regional GP, the numbers of active patients have never exceeded 15. Ken has been actively involved in the National HIV Standards, Training and Accreditation Committee (NHSTAC) and its predecessors since 2006 representing low volume prescribers.

Other interests include Medical Educator for his Registrar Training Provider, Senior Lecturer for the Sydney University Rural Clinical School in Orange, and getting in to sporting lycra.

Ken is really looking forward to CROI 2014 and reporting to fellow community HIV s100 prescribers from the Conference.

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