ASHM Report Back

Clinical posts from members and guests of the Australasian Society for HIV, Viral Hepatitis and Sexual Health Medicine (ASHM) from various international medical and scientific conferences on HIV, AIDS, viral hepatitis, and sexual health.


Robin Dubow

Born UK 1950. Graduated with honours Sydney University 1974. Law degree university of Tasmania 2005. Worked in PNG, Canada, Antarctica, Russia, Poland, Czech Republic, South Africa, Cambodia, Indonesia, and all parts of Australia including Norfolk Island and Christmas Island. Current working as a GP in Hobart Australia.

Gemma Hartmann

I’m a Sexual Health/HIV CNS at the Eurobodalla Sexual Health service on the south coast of NSW.  Previously I worked in a busy metropolitan sexual health clinic, however a keen interest in rural health propelled me to make the move. I’m enjoying the varied challenges involved in sexual health service provision in regional and rural communities.

Robert Burton

I studied medicine a St George’s Hospital Medical School, University of London before going on to specialise in general practice. I undertook my GP training through University College London Hospitals. It was during this time that my interest in sexual health was sparked after working in a busy London sexual health clinic. After completing my GP specialty training, I moved to Sydney and began work as a registrar at Sydney Sexual Health Centre, Sydney Hospital. I spent two years at SSHC, during which time I completed the s100 HIV prescriber course. Following this I joined Taylor Square Private Clinic in May 2014 and I continue to work there now. I particularly enjoy the opportunity to work in this high case-load practice where I can combine my joint interests in sexual health/HIV medicine and general practice.

Ban Kiem Tee

Dr BK Tee is an HIV section 100 GP with 15 years of clinical experience and 8 years of research participation as the Principal Investigator at The Centre Clinic, Victorian AIDS Council, where he is also the clinical director since 2009. 

Edwina Wright

Edwina is an infectious diseases physician and clinical researcher at the Alfred Hospital and the Burnet Institute. She has been involved in the clinical care of HIV positive people since 1986. Edwina has a strong interest in HIV-associated neurological disorders and she currently chairs a large, international clinical trial designed to determine the impact of early antiretroviral treatment strategies upon HIV-associated neurocognitive performance. She is also chair of the Asia-Pacific NeuroAIDS Consortium (APNAC) and co-chair of the Australasian National NeuroAIDS Brain and Tissue Bank Project.

Dr Wright also has a strong commitment to the health of HIV positive people living in the Asia Pacific region and has worked with ASHM's International Division for several years. Dr Wright is also closely involved in the work of the Victorian HIV Non-occupational Postexposure Prophylaxis Service. She is the President of ASHM. (Disclosure of Interests)

Marilou Capati


I am a GP, GP supervisor and director of Top End Medical Services in Casuarina, NT, and a member of the Top End Clinical Council of the NT Primary Health Network.  I am passionate about migrant and refugee health and am one of the first GP prescribers of ASHM's Hep B S100 program.  

Garry Kuchel

Garry is a Registered Nurse of over 25 years experience. After working for 16 years in the “pinnacle” area of ICU, Garry took a break & wondered “where to from here” with his nursing career. Almost literally by chance, he was offered a couple of hours a week casual work conducting HIV/STI screening with the WA AIDS Council in their weekly SOPV (sauna) clinic for gay/MSM. Quite unexpectedly, Garry found his niche. In July 2010 the WA AIDS Council opened their new, & until then unprecedented & unique (in Australia), peer based & nurse-led HIV/STI screening service - the M Clinic - dedicated to gay & other MSM. Garry has developed a consuming passion for the sexual health of gay men & other MSM, including MTF & FTM transgender, as well as Sex Workers & IDU. Being a gay man, Garry also sees himself as somewhat uniquely well-placed to engage with gay & other MSM because he "gets them". Garry’s mantra: "I care, but I don’t care” i.e. he cares about his clients & their sexual health, but “I don’t care who you have sex with”. It’s all about potential risk, not judgement.  

Matthew Shields

Matt Shields is a sexual health physician and general practitioner working in a primary care setting at Taylor Square Private Clinic in Sydney. His special interests are HIV medicine and viral hepatitis, STIs and dermatology.

Dr Carole Khaw

Dr Carole Khaw is a Sexual Health Physician at Clinic 275, STD Services, Infectious Diseases Unit, Royal Adelaide Hospital.


She is also Senior lecturer in Medical Education and MBBS Clinical Skills Year 1 and 2 Co-ordinator at the University of Adelaide.


Dr Khaw has been involved in and passionate about HIV medicine since 2009 and has a particular interest in HIV and ageing, co-morbidities and co-infections.


She has been involved in several projects with ASHM including being a speaker for the most recent s100 prescriber course in Adelaide and the ‘Sexual Health Update’ in Ceduna, S.A.











David Baker

David is a high case load HIV prescriber. He works in general practice in Darlinghurst, NSW, Australia and is a Clinical Advisor on Primary Care to ASHM

Susan Baglow


Sue Baglow is a GP working with refugees at Companion House and in private practice in Canberra. She has recently been involved in setting up a nurse-led hepatitis clinic at Companion House to help ensure continuity of monitoring and treatment compliance in a population with many co-morbidities and psychosocial problems.


Fiona Anderson

CNC Launceston Sexual Health Service TAS.

Worked CNC Tasmanian Sexual Health Service past 10 years, currently covering North and North West Tas.

RN/RM Majority of past roles Midwifery;developing  Indigenous Women’s  Birthing Centre, Homebirth, NT;Women’s Health Rural and Remote NT and CNC Remote Indigenous Community NT for 5 years  setting  up the background experience necessary for Sexual Health.

Public, Tropical Health Master in QLD


Explored NGO work overseas to return to WA Remote; Midwifery/Women’s Health to Sexual Health Brisbane and TAS

Jamma Li

I'm a third year advanced trainee in Clinical Immunology & Allergy in NSW. I'll be reporting back particularly on sessions relevant to HIV practice in suburban Sydney, as well as interesting international perspectives.

A/Prof Marilyn McMurchie

Adjunct Associate Professor (Discipline of General Practice) University of Sydney; MB BS  MHP  FAFPHM; OAM

Marilyn McMurchie is a general practitioner in central Sydney with a strong interest in HIV medicine and education, and Adjunct Associate Professor (Discipline of General Practice) University of Sydney.

From 1991 to 1993, Marilyn was President of the Australasian Society for HIV Medicine (ASHM) and until 2013 was a member of the NSW Ministerial Advisory Committee on HIV and Sexually Transmitted Infections.

In the 1990s, she received a World AIDS Day award and a Gavemer Foundation award and in 2006 was awarded an Order of Australia Medal for services in HIV care and education.

Marilyn currently represents the NSW Faculty of the RACGP on the committee overseeing the implementation of the NSW Ministry of Health’s strategy to eliminate HIV infection.

Levinia Crooks

Levinia is Chief Executive Officer of Australasian Society for HIV Medicine and Co-chair of the HIV Testing Policy Expert Reference Committee. She is an Adjunct Associate Professor in Public Health and Human Biosciences at La Trobe University

Shylet Sitima

I am a full time GP at an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community Health Centre. We have a large volume of patients with Hepatitis C and hence my keen interest to learn more about managing this problem.


Stuart Aitken

Stuart is a sexual health physician in private practice on Queensland's Gold Coast. His interests are in STIs, HIV medicine, infectious diseases epidemiology and gender medicine. He is a senior lecturer at Griffith University, and medical educator at True Relationships and Sexual Health (formerly Family Planning Queensland). 

Rasanga Liyanage

Rasanga is the Advanced Trainee in Sexual Health at Short Street Centre Sexual Health Clinic (St George Hospital) in Kogarah, NSW. She is a Sexual Health Physician from Sri Lanka with over 9 years’ experience and will be presenting her latest research on ‘nPEP knowledge among MSM’ at EACS 2015.

Dr Jane Hunt

Dr Jane Hunt is a GP working at Holdsworth House Medical Practice (HHMP), a high HIV case-load private general practice in Darlinghurst, N.S.W.

Jane is a co-investigator on HIV- related clinical trials conducted at HHMP. She has been involved in the care of HIV positive people and their partners since 2006 and has been a HIV s100 prescriber since 2012.

Belinda Greenwood-Smith

Belinda is a Rural Medical Practitioner and Public Health Registrar who is currently working on a project to improve the cascade of care for Indigenous people with chronic hepatitis B infection living in remote communities of central Australia. She has also worked in the prison system and is keen to improve the management of viral hepatitis in that setting.