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Garry Trotter

Garry Trotter

I started my nursing career in 1977.I have been working at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital since 1981. I was the first male nurse to work full time in the labour ward department at RPA. I was involved in setting up the liver transplant program in the hospital. I started working in the area of HIV from the beginning of the epidemic at RPAH in 1986. I was instrumental in setting up the HIV inpatient ward and outpatient services at RPAH.

During my career I have been a board member of ASHM and worked on many research projects including research into issues such as ageing and HIV, cognitive impairment and medication adherence and have presented at many conferences. I have been involved in volunteer workshops delivering education to positive people in developing countries such as Nepal and Myanmar.

I am seen as a leader in the nursing community for HIV issues and I am currently heavily involved in Prep to reduce the transmission of HIV.

I am proud to be a nurse and working in area of HIV for the last 30 years has provided me with great satisfaction. I am passionate about the lives of PLHIV and reducing transmission to the community.

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