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Nurses need to use the strong evidence base, established globally and locally, to justify their advocacy (and that of their supporters) around expanding the role of nurses in caring for people with HIV.

The nursing satellite session held yesterday morning at the AIDS2014 conference demonstrated the fantastic work of nurses Stepping up, Stepping forward and Stepping beyond in Australia, Nepal, the US and South Africa.

As A/Prof Jason Farley (from Johns Hopkins Uni) explained, there is a significant amount of evidence available to demonstrate that nursing care, delivered by competent and endorsed nurse practitioners (NPs) can have no adverse outcomes, can be cost-effective, and is acceptable to physicians and patients. As Jason put it so elegantly... "If we were a statin, based on the evidence to support us, we would be used more widely. There is less evidence supporting some statin use than there is supporting the role of NPs in HIV."

But nurses need to learn how to use and understand the evidence, and advocate as a united voice.

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We first met Yvonne Drazic at the 2010 Viral Hepatitis conference, where she bravely presented her personal story of living with chronic hepatitis B.

It's wonderful to see Yvonne back again, now presenting on her current HBV research project (for which she's received an ASHM Junior Researcher Award). Yvonne's personal experience has been a major driver in her efforts to improve HBV awareness and care in primary care.

Yvonne's research project is an exploration of current awareness and practice in primary care in north QLD. Whilst recruitment of GPs into the project has proved a challenge (with Yvonne trying every trick in the book), initial results have shown we have a long way to go. Less than 50% of GPs surveyed would test Asian migrants for HBV and less than 30% would test Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients. When asked about their preference for education, the most preferred option was evening dinner updates with a surprisingly lack of appeal for videos...

Congratulations Yvonne - we look forward to hearing more.

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The Australian Hepatology Association has launched their consensus based guidelines for hepatology nurses.

What an achievement to gain consensus!

This will be a fantastic tool for nurses working in the field now and those starting out in hepatology.

The guidelines will be available for download next week at

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