Looking at PrEP and HIV/ART treatments as prevention in the 6 months prior to the 2016-17 Gay and Periodic Survey, showed an increase of casual sex being reported by those using medical prevention.

There was a decline in the use and frequency of condom use 39% (2016) - 32% (2017) and a reported increase in casual anal intercourse (CAIC) 22% (2016) - 27% (2017) as more MSM joined in the uptake of PrEP.

Socioeconomic demographics showed PrEP users were more likely to be Uni educated, in full- time employment and engaged with Gay men networks

PrEP users reported to be more sexually active than when they were not taking it and more likely to engage in condomless sex due to reduced anxiety of HIV risk.

The Periodic Survey in Melbourne ans Sydney reported PrEP users had 11% more partners and 11% less condom use.

* PrEP users becoming more sexually active reflects the successful targeting of PrEP