The day started with a traditional Maori opening followed by presentations from key speakers then, the moment we have been waiting for- the launch of the AHA Consensus Based Nursing Guidelines. Dr Jaqui Richmond will present more on the development of the guidelines tomorrow at 11am.

As anticipated, my favourite sessions of the day were on the outcomes of horizontally acquired CHBV in the Maori population, hearing about the Kawerau Study and treating CHBV in remote dwelling aboriginal patients in the Northern Territory.

Then, tonight finished  with presentations on the new protease inhibitors for HCV triple therapy.

Tomorrow promises to be another full day starting with the breakfast symposium followed by international speakers in the next session and then I spy presentations on HCC in the NT, treatment outcomes for prisoners with HCV G/T 1 and nurse led follow up of patients with cirrhosis.

'Nite all.