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Sexual Health Day 2 Gollow Lecture

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Sexual Health Conference Day 2  Gollow Lecture IT and sexual health


Young people are very engaged with new technology. 

  • It's available 24/7
  • Offers privacy
  • It can be interactive
  • Is able to offer sexual content.
  • For me it's highly valuable for education

New self check in stations have proven to increase efficiency with faster interactions, data being more accurate as well as allowing more patients to be seen.

Other interventions include medical software prompt systems which have proven to increase opportunisitc testing of STI's such as Chalmydia.

Computer system grouping of tests and guidance has also increased syphilis testing in HIV positive clients and checking for missed tests such as rectal swabs for Gonorrhoea / Chlamydia in MSM.

SMS recall systems have increased testing regularity and recall for test for cure.



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