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Hiv in people born overseas.

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Presentation of PraveenaGunaratnam

Data  from the National HIV Registry

Period 2005 to 2015

Reduced representation of plwha from Sub Saharan Africa, 30/100,000 in 2010,15/100,000 in 2014

Increasing representation from  nth Asia, 2/100,000 in2005, 7/100,000 in2014

Increase in Asian born MSM hiv rate from 6 to 15 % of the total in the 10 year period,43 % overseas born  MSM with hiv born in Asia.

Sub Saharan Africans and South East Asians still have high rates of late and advanced diagnosis app 50%.


Need to reduce barriers to health care access

Evaluate interventions tailored towards different communities, specially with respect to TasP, prep

Continue to gain epidemiological and behavioural research and monitor changes in HIV related practices, health outcomes and prevalence

  • Dr Elizabeth Crock
    Dr Elizabeth Crock Thursday, 17 November 2016

    HIV in people born overseas

    Thanks Richard, some very concerning data here which confirms what we see in the community. Barriers to health care access - we know we need to reduce them, so what will we all do? It is a political issue

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