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Negotiating Change

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I attended an excellent talks this morning by Steven Philpot on the fine line in changing agreements between gay men when it was about monogamy.Steven utilised   the Monopoly results that gay men will negotiate changes in relationships,there was also a lot of internal conflict about this subject with a lot of couples,most men usually change their relationship from monogamous to an open relationship.

At the conclusion of the talk Steven reiterated that communication was vital in all relationships.

Benjamin Bavinton also provided an excellent talk during the session on the Definition of Partners.

Partners are either described as either regular or casual,but I would like to know when a f!ckbuddy becomes a relationship.

Approximately 60% of gay men have a regular partner,half of these were monogamous while the other half have a regular partner and casual partners.Most gay men in the Monopoly study were found to be in an open relationship. Condoms were much less likely to be used in an relationship,than they were with f!ck  buddies.The majority of me met there partners online.Transmisions were more likely to come from f!ck buddies.

Garret Prestage provided a good talk on age and relationships and it was heartening to hear that us oldies are much less risk takers than our younger counterparts.Garrett once again reiterated that most regular partners didn't use condoms.That being said it means the risk of transmission  is greater if we trust each other in a relationship.

Martin Holts talk was perhaps the most engaging as he spoke about the use of Viral Load undetectable as a means for condom less sex,he also identified serous orating as another means for condomless sex. Martin identified that at least 75% of men are practising at least one strategy to avoid HIV.Serosorting is now common as a means for condo less sex.

1 in 5 gay men now have condo less sex

41% of these are HIV positive 

21% are HIV negative

19 % are untested.

The most common strategies employed by groups for condo less sex are if positive utilising an undetctable status and Serosorting ,if negative utilising Serosorting and condoms

Benjamin reiterated at the end of the lecture that with guys who have an undetectable viral load the risk of transmission is low.

A very thought provoking session

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