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New Technologies and Innovative Methods to Facilatate HIV Prevention

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Jeffery Klausner provided an excellent talk on new methods in the US and around the world.

Jeff spoke about the need to utilise modern media eg YouTube to better engage with people; it seems the days of brochures and information sheets are soon to go.

The internet now can provide condom delivery within an hour in most big capital cities.

There is the ability now to have your HIV Status verified by medical companies on gay websites to prove that you are telling the truth. You can also allow blood results to be verified so that you can prove you have an undetectable viral load.

The younger generation all seem to like gaming and there are now Apps which emphasise Playing it Safe and promoting condom usage and increasing adherence to taking your medications.

I know in Adelaide we have very little like these education initiatives and you usually get handed a brochure.

In regards to testing Jeffery discussed the importance of status awareness and that San Francisco had the highest on the world for this.

It seems in Australia we have been very slow to even introduce rapid testing, but thankfully now this is happening.

We should also be considering the HIV self test, thus creating more options for people

In San Francisco they placed self tests in Sex Clubs, Saunas and provide vouchers to get free self test kits at pharmacies.They also provided the means to order a free self test kits online thus creating even more status awareness.The utilisation of these test kits was good and seemed to encompass the people who would not or could not get to a testing centre.

A hugely interesting talk outlining the need for us to utilise new methods in educating and engaging with people

New technologies include:

  • SmS weekly messages about adherence and testing
  • Geo mapping of current outbreaks of STIs
  • Home PCR for testing of STIs and HIV and providing Tele Health for PreP

A hugely interesting talk!!!


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