a good start to the day with  great welcome by Aunty Carol Currie, there was an interesting talk by the QLD minister for health on future directions  for health care in the sexual health sector.

Robert Mitchell  provided an excellent insight into future directions for HIV care and the big need for people with HIV to be included on any decision making authorities

Bridget Haire highlighted the poor uptake of the use of PreP by government Authorities

Professor Cohen provided a talk on the prevention of utilising antiretrovirals to prevent HIV,his trials have shown that with antiretrovirals and counselling ,96% of trial couples did not become HIV positive.

Transmissions have plummeted with the use of antiretrovirals as a preventative measure

Hurrah finally some form of preventative measure,but you do have to think about the side effects of the antiretrovirals and the accessibility  of these melds to the people that most need them.