Results were presented from the 0109 study funded by Gilead. Results from the study have been presented at multiple recent meetings.
 These results compared patients on standard of care Truvada plus boosted atazanavir to those subsequently switched to TAF/E/C/F (elvitegravir/cobicistat/FTC).
Follow up to 48 weeks supported at least non-inferior (perhaps superior) virologic control.
In relation to drug toxicity:
- The TAF arm had a change in creatinine of 0.00 compared to 0.03 mg/dL in the control arm from baseline.
- All measures of urinary protein were superior in the TAF arm.
- All lipids were increased in the TAF arm but investigators argued it was not clinically significant in light of a preserved total/HDL ratio.
- Improvement in BMD already at Week 24 and by Week 48, about 2% improvement, which in some cases was sufficient to move osteopenic patients to normal range.
Overall, I think TAF is very promising.