Katherine Luzuriaga presented data showing that early cART (initiation before 6 weeks of age) leads to a restricted latent reservoir of HIV, and although the reservoir decays over 2 years, HIV remains detectable. There continues to be a 4-12 fold reduction in this latent HIV reservoir from 2 years through 14-18 years of age. Abstract #53

Early effective cART in infants leads to:

- clearance of HIV specific antibodies

- durable HIV RNA suppression

- markedly reduced HIV related mortality

- preservation of immune function

- lack of viral evolution over time in replication competent virus

- reduced HIV infection of long-lived CD4+ T CM cells

The use of early ART does not distract from the need to focus on preventing HIV transmission (viz. there were 260,000 new infant infections worldwide in 2012)