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Everyone Loves Concert Tickets!

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Nittaya Phanuphak (Thai Red Cross AIDS Research Center, Thailand) spoke at AIDS2016 on the topic 'Prevention Equity: How Innovations in HIV Testing and Prevention Technologies can Reduce Incidence Globally'.

She highlighted the inequality of health care in Thailand and outlined that the populations at highest risk for HIV have been missing out. She is involved in a 'Test and Start' program for MSM and Transgender Women in Thailand. The program provides clients with HIV rapid testing, with provision of PrEP (or ART) on the same day.

They have trained up MSM and Transgender Women to provide services for the LGBTI community through the clinic. By design, this creates a work force that is compassionate, caring and culturally aware of the target population.

Their clinic has enrolled over 300 patients in the PrEP Program so far, but they plan to roll this out to a further 3000 MSM and Transgender Women over the next 3 years.

They created the website www.adamslove.org to provide sexual health information and encourage clients to attend the clinic. Everyone loves tickets, so they provide online Eventbrite "concert tickets" that are exchanged for STI tests (Please note that a visit to the clinic is more important, but is much less fun than seeing a show).

Most clients have a phone or webcam and the clinic's sexual health nurse utilises this to conduct online medical consults, providing education in sexual health, counselling and guides patients through performing a home HIV screening test.

Nittaya Phanuphak gave a shout out to NSW in her talk, stating "NSW must be congratulated for their efforts to use PrEP. We hope to learn more from NSW in the next few years" - and we hope to learn more from you Nittaya. 

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    Levinia Thursday, 21 July 2016

    Ending AIDS - What about HIV?

    Hi Brad, Thanks for the post and I heard you on the ABC Radio last night.There does seem to be considerable confusion about Ending AIDS and that being interpreted as HIV no longer being transmitted. I wonder whether you are feeling this in Durban?

  • Dr Brad McKay
    Dr Brad McKay Thursday, 21 July 2016

    RE:Ending AIDS - What about HIV?

    Hi Levinia, I was talking to a young female conference delegate from Malawi on the plane to Durban. She said "Hasn't Australia just declared the end of AIDS?"...then she couldn't contain her laughter. This is one example of the feeling towards Australia after last week's 'Ending AIDS' announcement.

    It's not only the difference between HIV and AIDS being misunderstood, but Australia's announcement appears bold when people in Malawi (and around the world) continue to die from AIDS.

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