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HIV dried spot test: Internet based self sampling increases access to HIV testing

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Anna McNulty presented about the New South Wales initiative of posted self collected HIV dried blood spot testing. This is of interest to me as I work in a sexual health clinic in a regional setting and I'm aware of how isolated some people are who could benefit from a HIV test.  In my setting I'm aware of isolated MSM who are not out in the local community and/or don't want to be seen at a sexual health clinic or are unable to travel to a local sexual health clinic. Some feel unable to discuss this with their GP or may not even have access to a GP.

 Background to this project:

  • HIV New South Wales strategy identifies GBM and CALD  as priority populations for testing
  • 11% of people with HIV in New South Wales are undiagnosed
  • GBN are interested in self testing however currently not available
  • Those from CALD communities are more likely to be diagnosed late 

 How it works: 

  •  Dried blood spot test (DBS) test ordered via website
  •  Person uses small lancet to prick finger and apply blood to small circles on blotting paper, 5 drops preferred
  •  Sample is returned in the reply paid envelope to SVH lab
  •  Negative results SMS via Sexual Health Infolink (SHIL)
  •  Positive results via phone 


  •  Promoted through social media and local initiatives
  • Translated into 10 languages 


  • November 2016 to end of September 2017 there were 505 registrations
  • 77% MSM, 32% had partners from Asia or Africa, 26%  were from Asia or Africa, 14% CALD MSM, 11% CALD heterosexual, 4%had ever injected drugs or  5% Aboriginal. Note people could be for more than one group
  • 58% kit return rate
  • 54% have never tested or tested greater than two years ago
  • Median kit return time was 18 days
  • Reactive results: 1 confirmed and the person linked to care, another recent reactive result
  • There were 39 repeat testers

Feedback from users of the test  in a post test survey:

  • Test participants  were very supportive of HIV testing done this way and we're very happy they had the opportunity to test.  Feedback included: They  could test  in private, the test was was quick, free, convenient, no need to go to GP,  allows me to test ahead, it is less embarrassing, easy to do


  •  Successful implementation however slowper uptake than anticipated
  • Difficult to reach heterosexual CALD
  •  Expected 1% HIV positivity
  • Marketing is the key to uptake


  • Phase 2 site specific projects including addition of hepatitis C RNA testing and Aboriginal and PWID added as populations to be targeted
  • SOPV
  • NSPs
  • D&A services 


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