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ART Perspectives- Symposium- Who's life is it anyway?

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This symposium was a very interesting one presented by Prof. Brian Gazzard. 

Prof. Gazzard discussed different types of HIV client care, of which he advocates Patient Centred Options and discussed barriers to comliance of HIV clients taking and adhering to ART medication regimes.

Following this, Jenny Brockie convened a discussuion between a panel of a HIV doctor, HIV nurse, and the audience. Three Scenarios A or Scenario B of ART choices were presented and the audience had to choose which scenario they think their HIV client would choose. One scenario was having the choice of ART which needs o be taken with food, or ART which does not need to be taken with food. A choice of ART which induces slow CD4 increase and causes no diarrhoea, or ART which induces fast CD4 rises but causes diarrhoea.

Interesting discussions and rationales for different decision making were heard from a variety of doctor, nurse, and patient perspectives.

Some of the key points taken from this symposium in regard to ART perspectives were;

-HIV clients need to be the centre of their own care

-ART and clinical care needs to be cost effective

-Single dose regimes are the way to go if possible

-Interactions and toxicities of ART are important factors

-Patient advocacy needs to include understanding how ART impacts a PLWH day to day life

Last but not least be honest with your patients, and know more about ART than your patients so they can make informed decisions.

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