ASHM @ CROI 2016


Levinia.45px Levinia Crooks
Adjunct A/Prof & ASHM CEO
 MarkBloch sm Mark Bloch
HIV s100 Prescriber; Medical Director
Priya Loomba s Priya Loomba
GP Registrar & HIV s100 Prescriber
Rohan Bopage s Rohan Bopage
Infectious Diseases & Sexual Health Physician
David Orth s

David Orth
GP & Medical Director





Update on the HIV outbreak in Indiana

John Brooks from the CDC in Atlanta provided an update on the HIV outbreak first identified in Indiana in December 2014. I reported on his first updat

CROI 2016: Intensive cervical cancer screening only needed in HIV positive women with low CD4

Intensive cervical cancer screening may be appropriate for HIV-positive women with a CD4 count below 500 and for immunosuppressed solid organ transpla

CROI 2016 : Single Dose Zoledronic Acid Prevents Antiretroviral-Induced Bone Loss : Proof of concept study

HIV infection is an independent risk factor for osteoporosis. Initiation of ART induces additional 1-6% loss in bone mineral density (BMD). ART-associ

CROI 2016: Maraviroc PrEP Regimens in US MSM Study

Five of 404 men who have sex with men (MSM) or transgender women taking a maraviroc-containing preexposure prophylaxis (PrEP) regimen or tenofovir/emt

Amazing PrEP Technology

Just a short not re PrEP implant - Poster 879 Looks like a implanon - looks easy to insert and to remove - Initially seems to deliver effective drug

Vaginal Rings - Empowering Protection?

The Dapivirine vaginal ring empowers women by giving them a device that they can use to protect themselves from HIV infection and which in no way requ

STI screening in the context of PrEP

Wednesday 23rd Feb Session TD-12 It’s Complicated: Renal Function and STIs in PrEP Users. STI Data From Community-Based PrEP: Implementation Suggest

With or without ART, CVD risk matters

Session 0-4 Complications from Head to Toe Early Antiretroviral Therapy Does Not Improve Vascular Function: A START Substudy. Abstract 41 Presenter:

PrEP - new alternatives to tenofovir / ftc"

Alternative PrEP Regimen Maraviroc + FTC may be the first alternative PrEP regimen to become available. Obviously this is great for people who for so

The amazing advances in broadly neutralizing monoclonal antibodies

It’s amazing how far we have come in the potential of neutralizing monoclonal antibodies against HIV. John Mascola from the Vaccine Research Centre ga

Key Antiviral Therapy RCT's Cabotegravir LA injection and TAF(again)

GS - US- 311-1089   Switching Tenofovir DF to Tenofovir Alafenamide in virally suppressed patients 48 week data was presented; RCT, double

Plenary 2 - Joe Eron - Where we are and where we are going

Tuesday plenary 2 - A great overview of the current situation and where we are headed 90 90 90 are high targets Integrases will help achieve these

CD8 T Cells: Is treatment and cure linked.

A brief blog reviewing the Bernard Fields Lecture. Monday 22nd Feb. T Cells Control of HIV: Implications for Vaccines and Cure. Speaker: Dr Bru

Plenary 1 - Overview of Monoclonal Antibodies

The use of Monoclonal antibodies in HIV therapy seems to be close at hand. The first plenary of the conference focussed on this. First potential comp

Increased viral suppression in USA adults

This paper reviewed the increase in viral suppression and sustained viral suppression in USA adults on ART between 2009 and 2013. Viral suppression i

#28 Initiating ART at first visit: RapIT randomised trial

Sydney Rosen presented this SA randomised trial. Patients in South Africa were randomised to start ART on first visit or delay to standard guidelines

Recovery of Bone Mineral Density After Stopping Oral HIV PrEP

The slight loss in bone mineral density associated with HIV PrEP antiretroviral use is reversible in young adult patients who stop taking the drugs, a

WHO WHO Resistance Guidelines Development Workshop

This WHO consultation followed on immediately from the CDC. This was one of the data collection workshops aimed at feeding into the development of the

CROI 2016 Case-based workshop on HCV

I found the case-based workshop on HCV quite useful. The session highlighted some of the difficult therapeutic scenarios with current DAAs. It al

Panel Discussion on Stigma, Trauma and Stress: Considerations for HIV Research and Programs

Monday 22nd Feb Session MD – Panel Discussion on Stigma, Trauma and Stress: Considerations for HIV Research and Programs. Moderator: Morenike Ukpong

25th CDC Resistance Workshop

25th HIV Drug Resistance Workshop This is the second time I have attended this meeting. It was very different from last year. Considerable attention

Influencing Community Engagement in Research.

First Conference session that I have attended.  really a preconference workshop for "young Researchers" Three perspectives HIV -ve African women