This session of the Sexual Health Conference was musical and entertaining, starting with the music video of "Lady Sings it Better". It was played, to introduce the audience to the website:  (this website is 18+, so check your kids are out of the room)

The target audience are Kink, BDSM, LBQ and sexually adventurous women, who have a high incidence of STI's and often feel culturally excluded from safe sex and health information/services. 

The website uses art projects (some sexually explicit) to entice woman to the website, then they can navigate to identify resources, events, testing, Q&A, health services and party packs (the last is posted to the persons house).

In the last 8 months, they have had an increase of 300% in traffic to the site.

The take home message

Woman who identify as not heterosexual have a higher incidence of STI's and risk behaviour, due a lack of targeted services, information and testing. As this demographic don't identify with the images and language currently used in woman's health services.

I see a need for an urgent rethink on how to engage this communitys needs for services/education/testing.