I have always had doubts about PrEP and social responsibility, but after listening to some of these very informative talks,it has occurred to me that people have the right to access this treatment.I listened with interest that it has yet to be approved by the PBAC for this reason but it raises the question that if it was a socially acceptable disease would PrEP be approved by the PBAC straight away.

It seems the eligibility to qualify for PrEP is high risk behaviours, but if I am HIV positive should my negative partner not be able to qualify for PrEP? Could not making PrEP widely available be a means to ending the stigma associated with HIV.

These talks have raised many issues with me:

1) Do people now stop using condoms (I know some people who have utilised PrEP for this !!!)

2) If a high risk client is not adhering to safe sex, then will their adherence to PrEP be any better?

These talks has left me in two minds: that we seem to be encouraging a society of little or no responsibility.

But on the other hand people have the right to have sex without a condom.