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Find Me, Treat me, PrEP me, Heal me Panel Discussion

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I attended the panel discussion titled ‘Find Me, Treat me, PrEP me, Heal me’ this afternoon.

The panel members were:

  • Prof Robert Grant,
  • Prof Mike Cohen,
  • Prof  Brian Gazzard,
  • A/Prof Edwina Wright,
  • Dr Mark Bloch,
  • Nicholas Parkhill,
  • Prof Sharon Lewin,
  • Nick Holas
  • Simon Ruth

Some interesting discussion evolved around PrEP, including the recent evidence of decreased condom use, seen at the three month follow up of VicPrEP participants (presented by John de Wit today).

Prof Mike Cohen posed the question of whether reduced condom use, leading to increased rates of STIs (which may increase the risk of getting HIV due to genital inflammation) may reduce the effectiveness of PrEP.

Prof Robert Grant pointed out that participants of recent studies such as the PROUD and iPrEx OLE studies, had high rates of STIs and PrEP was still effective in these cohorts.

One interesting point made by Dr Mark Bloch was that the patients receiving PrEP are followed up every three months for PrEP scripts. This may facilitate adherence to the recommended three monthly STI screen.

Lastly, there was discussion about when newer PrEP agents will become available. Prof Robert Grant advised that a long-acting injectable PrEP agent is just completing Phase 2 clinical trials.

Overall, an entertaining session with some food for thought.

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